The Biomedical Alliance is committed to working with other stakeholders in the health and research sectors to achieve common objectives and to exchange knowledge. We believe that stakeholders in the health and research fields can achieve more when they cooperate as we all have a clear interest in fostering research and innovation and improving healthcare.

Cooperation is limited to those areas where parties have a clear common interest and objectives do not contradict one another.

The BioMed Alliance cooperates and interacts with many actors in the EU policy field, some examples are listed below:

EU Institutions

eu flagThe BioMed Alliance is in contact with policy makers and experts in different institutions to provide expert advice and to stay updated on EU affairs. As a stakeholder in the health and research policy field, we participate in different events and meetings and invite policy makers to our public meetings. In addition, we reply to public consultations and respond to calls.


EMA logo

The BioMed Alliance is officially registered as an EMA Stakeholder. By registering as a stakeholder, the BioMed Alliance can easily be identified for consultation on relevant issues, is kept up to date on events, receives communications and is informed on EMA consultations.

EU Health Coalition

eu health coalition

The EU Health Coalition is a multi-stakeholder initiative looking at how to map the future of healthcare in Europe, make the most of the innovation, the role of the European Union in addressing these challenges and critically, cooperate between different sectors to deliver the best outcomes for patients in Europe.

Within the EU Health Coalition, a dedicated Research and Innovation policy group is led by BioMed Alliance. The policy group has proposed recommendations with the aim to enhance the health research landscape in Europe. The proposed recommendations call for an increased EU budget for health research, setting-up a cross-sectorial health research Public Private Partnership and better coordination and support for health researchThe EU Health Coalition was supposed to organise its second high-level summit on 4-5 May 2020 in Brussels but this is postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coalition partners will keep working together and will announce the new summit dates as soon as possible.

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EPF logoThe European Patient Forum (EPF) is an umbrella organisation that represents patient groups across Europe in different disease groups. We cooperate with them on topics of mutual interest to get the valuable input of patient representatives.

Cooperation with EFPIA on translational research

Attachment 6The BioMed Alliance cooperates with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) on those issues where our positions are similar. One such example is enhancing coordination and visibility of translational research, we e.g. organise joint meetings and work together on strategies and common positions.

Informal Stakeholder Group on Anti-Microbial Resistance

We also take part in discussions with stakeholders in the informal stakeholder group on anti-microbial resistance (AMR). This group of stakeholders in the human and animal health fields aims to raise awareness on AMR and calls for a joint effective approach to tackle this health challenge.

Stakeholder Group on Brexit and the consequences for healthcare

The BioMed Alliance is part of a stakeholder group that explores the potential consequences of Brexit for patients, public health and health security and how to ensure that these consequences are mitigated. The group holds regular meetings and has organised two events in the European Parliament raising awareness on the role of the Parliament in prioritising patients and safeguarding public health.

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