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The 'EU Health Summit 2020: Time for action' on 26 October was a multi-stakeholder event which aimed to develop implementing actions based on a set of 10 recommendations the future of health in Europe. The event was very successful, gathering more than 600 participants, and featuring among other speakers Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and German Health Minister Jens Spahn. They pointed out their vision on the future European healthcare, including the necessity to bring back the manufacturing of medicines and medical devices to Europe and the creation of the European Health Data Space facilitating health data exchange.

Biomedical Alliance in Europe President Wilfried Ellmeier led the breakout session on Research and Innovation with a panel of three influential speakers. Discussions highlighted that European support, coordination, and cooperation in health research are key.

During the session, Professor Martin Landray (ESC) explained the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials and that clinical trials must be changed for more flexibility, collaboration and multidisciplinary efforts. Doctor Cristina Bescos (EIT Health) emphasised that the EU is lagging for innovation compared to other jurisdictions; more international cooperation and new business models are key to successful transform research and innovation. Finally, Sabrina Montante (ISS - National Institute of Health in Italy) underlined as well that European coordination is necessary to avoid duplication of efforts. She also warned about the fragmentation of the different funds, and the need to translate scientific research to policymakers with a common language.

Professor Ellmeier pointed out that there are exciting EU policy instruments such as Horizon Europe, the EU4health Programme, the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe or the new proposed European Biomedical Research and Development Agency that should contribute to the creation of a long-term ecosystem and ensure that Europe will be a true research and innovation hub.

For more information, visit the website of the European Health Coalition here

The recordings of the Summit are available here

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