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The BioMed Alliance has followed developments around the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine with great concern. We believe that the health and wellbeing of citizens must come first: lives must be protected, and citizens must continue to be able to access essential services and get the care that they need.

It is time for the European Union and the international community to stand in solidarity with the population affected by this war, and to provide support and protection to those in need of help.

In time of crisis, humanitarian health assistance, collaboration and mutual aid must prevail and the biomedical health research community can contribute and support the work of international organisations like the International Committee of the Red CrossUnited Nations High Commissioner of Refugees and the World Health Organisation. Support is needed on all fronts, for example by providing funds to recognised humanitarian organisations or even by participating in the Emergency Medical Teams being deployed by WHO in the area.

We are glad to see that our members are already providing support to medical societies and clinicians in the conflict area, and additional support from the international community and relief organisations is necessary to allow healthcare professionals to provide the best care to the victims of this conflict.

The principles of international, humanitarian and human rights law need to be upheld, and we call for a swift and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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