The Biomedical Alliance in Europe (BioMed Alliance) welcomes the efforts of the European Commission to ensure a full single market freedoms for associations, simplifying their cross-EU activities and promoting their fundamental rights. Our members are professional non-profit medical association based in various European countries and they organize many cross-border activities. The particularity of European medical societies is that they provide services to the health community across Europe such as: congresses, educational events, courses, guidelines, health research and clinical practice activities. The current rules in different countries create obstacles and many barriers additional registrations, different VAT rules, lack of harmonization of cross border employment, different legal provisions of annual revenue allowance for NPOs, lack of mutual recognition of services provided by associations and NPOs such as training certifications (congresses, courses, educational events) from one Member State to another.  

We encourage the European Commission to take this seriously as it affects a 90 billion EURO a year industry, but also the capacity of medical societies to deliver unbiased services for EU health community. In the table below you can find concrete input and recommendations provided by the BioMed Alliance members to consider when putting together a legislative framework aiming at creating a single market for associations.

Read the full feedback here.

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