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The BioMed Alliance has replied to a public consultation on HTA on procedural rules for assessing and managing conflicts of interest. In the reply prepared by the HTA Working Group, the Alliance welcomed increased cooperation on joint Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as we believe this can enhance the affordable and equitable access to innovative new health technologies for European patients. Such assessments must be evidence-based, and depend on the feedback of patients, clinicians and other experts in the health field.
Transparency throughout this process is key. Declarations of interest must be shared, and risks of potential competing interests managed to reduce the risk of bias. However, conflict of interest policies must also be proportionate and take into account that many (leading) scientists and clinicians with the necessary expertise to provide an authoritative review of a new medicine or medical device, are likely to be involved in a variety of research, academic and regulatory roles. Too restrictive approaches may therefore prevent the inclusion of the necessary expertise, particularly in niche fields like rare diseases.

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